case study: Nationwide Arena

Columbus, Ohio | City of Columbus | Nationwide Arena District

the challenge

The City of Columbus needed to develop a space for The Arena District, a 75-acre mixed-use development located in Columbus, Ohio. Situated in the heart of downtown, this burgeoning urban neighborhood features office space, restaurants, entertainment venues, and residential housing. The city wanted to use the acres of park and plaza to provide open space for residents and visitors alike.

the solution

Kolar was apart of a large team of designers and architects that developed the Arena District. The inclusive project involved establishing district design standards, creating a distinct district identity, placemaking, and wayfinding. The urban wayfinding system includes gateway signs, street identification, building identification, parking signage, pedestrian map kiosks, and both vehicular and pedestrian directional signage. At the heart of this district is Nationwide Arena, home to the Columbus Blue Jackets and host to numerous other events and concerts throughout the year. Together, the Nationwide Arena, Huntington Park, and the Arena District provide an unparalleled business and entertainment venue attracting visitors from central Ohio and from across the country.