case study: Bridge Park

Dublin, OH | City of Dublin | Bridge Park

the challenge

The City of Dublin wanted to create a destination that facilitates connections and creates, enhances, and preserves a well-loved community. Through development of upscale residential living with unique dining, shopping, and attractions, the City looked to create Bridge Park – connecting east and west, past and present, work and life, and its unique people, place, art, and culture. The goal was to build a comprehensive Civic Brand visitor strategy, transforming the city into a true work of art.

the solution

The City of Dublin partnered with Kolar and other third-party architects and designers to strategically plan and execute the project. The process for civic branding began with understanding how the city was currently communicating about itself with existing physical, digital, and print communication. The urban landscape was being transformed as a part of a $270 million highway improvement that provided an opportunity to re-think the approach. Working with key stakeholders, Kolar developed an entirely new urban experience and brand strategy for the City, presenting a strong position for the new $500 million Bridge Street District and Bridge Park riverfront neighborhood. The design includes integrating a wayfinding and parking strategy into a comprehensive public and private investment: gateways, streetscapes, signage, parks and trails are part of transforming Bridge Park into a vibrant community.