April 28, 2023

This week, we say farewell to our spring UC DAAP Student Co-Ops. We’re grateful for their hard work this past semester, the projects they’ve been a part of and progress they have made will have a lasting impact! 

Here’s what they had to say about their experience at Kolar:


Halle Dieterich: “I had a great time at Kolar this semester! I was able to work with a lot of very great people who who worked hard to help me have a well-rounded experience. All of the people here have been super inviting from the very beginning and it has been great getting to know everyone while learning about design!”


Reilly Dolan: “While co-opping at Kolar, I worked on internal initiatives, brand development work, and some client projects. The positive atmosphere, the amazing team, and the guidance that I’ve received has all contributed to an amazing few months. My time at Kolar has exceeded all of my expectations and I am so grateful to have had this experience.”


Cade Walker: “My time at Kolar was informative and inspiring. I was able to work under prominent design leaders and thinkers within the Cincinnati community; creating change and delivering impactful results in the process. Being a part of something much greater than myself, I have gained a huge appreciation for the work Kolar does, not only within the EGD space but the studio as a whole. Each project is touched by a talented team of designers, architects, and directors that all work to elevate the environment we inhabit. I could not be more pleased to have been apart of that process and will be forever thankful for the openness and positivity this team brings to the design world!”


At Kolar, we strongly believe in the importance of taking on co-op’s. As a company that values creativity and innovation, we know that partnering with UC’s DAAP Program (Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning) students provides us with fresh perspectives and access to the latest design trends and technologies. Working with these talented students not only benefits our company but also helps to shape the future of the design industry. We are proud to invest in the development of the next generation of designers and provide them with opportunities to gain real-world experience, develop their skills, and build their portfolios.