March 23, 2017

We first learned about WBENC Certification (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) when our largest clients, Procter & Gamble and Cincinnati Children’s, encouraged us to participate. That was nearly ten years ago, and since that time we have been actively engaged on the local, regional and national level of WBENC through our regional partner organization, Ohio River Valley-WBENC.

Kolar’s certification has helped us achieve greater heights with increased revenues, an expanded workforce, inspired growth and innovative partnerships. This active group of women entrepreneurs has translated into business growth on many levels, but most importantly, it’s turned into a network we can learn from which has helped us immensely. Whether it was coaching financial decisions around IT issues, or brand building with e-learning, we have benefited during each step of the innovation growth curve with this group.


The educational opportunities through our WBENC Certification and related conferences have helped us learn about managing our company, marketing & sales, and provided direct access to hundreds of potential corporate clients. If your organization qualifies, joining WBENC will help grow your business while helping others improve as well.


If you are new to the WBENC community, our advice is to dive in head first; be bold, bright and open. Although it’s hard to be at the top and can be lonely at times, with this network, you are supported because it is so rich in wisdom and knowledge. The people in this community provide great insights and opportunities. You always have to earn your own business independently, but the WBENC community can help you succeed in so many other ways. This organization is about creating relationships that will be your lifeline, especially when you’re in a challenging situation. For example, if you are seeking a particular supplier, please contact the WBENC network, and I am sure you will find an amazing woman entrepreneur to fill your need. The businesses here will always be your biggest fans – cheering you on to success.  


WBENC’s Summit engages participants in a two-day program focused on the future of various industries, business networking, and development opportunities. The Salute follows the Summit and is a festive evening that highlights our 2016 America’s Top Corporations for Women Business Enterprises. The Summit occurs on March 21-23, 2017 in New Orleans, LA.

We hope to see you there! 



Women in creative leadership roles are rare. Even though 47% of the U.S. workforce is comprised of women, in U.S. businesses, only 4% of CEOs, 8% of top earners and 14% of executive officers are female, according to research by nonprofit Catalyst titled, “Catalyst Quick Take: Women in U.S. Management and Labor

Force.” Statistically, women also dominate at design schools; however, along with the path

to creative leadership, that number of women diminishes to approximately 3%.

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