April 28, 2021

Episode 001 | Navigating the Future with WBEC ORV


Kelly Kolar-Eyman WBE, President of Kolar Design and Kolar Experience Institute 
Carol Shea WBE, President Olivetree Insights 
Patti Massey WBE, President, and Founder MYCA Learning 
Hosted by Betsy Ross, President and Founder Game Day Communications

As governments begin to look at opening up again post COVID-19, the big question on employer’s and employee’s minds is what is it going to look like and be like as we all head back to work? How are employers helping make sure their employees and clients feel safe coming back to the workplace? To help guide you through these uncharted waters, we’ve developed a survey. The Kolar Experience Institute’s COMPASS survey analyzes and guides employers understanding of their employee’s perceptions and sentiments regarding the return to work following COVID-19. The survey provides an evaluation of perceived readiness of the workplace and expectations around workplace process modifications to promote wellness.

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