February 20, 2017




noun: innovation

a new method, idea, product, etc.

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Clients and Team,

In 2017 we will be taking our company to the next level. Together we have reached new heights with our most innovative team ever. I’m immensely proud of the work that we are doing to make our firm a force for “insights and innovation”.  

We are passionate about finding new and better ways to connect people, places, and brands—from healing environments focused on the patient and family experience to global workplaces that blend corporate and cultural identity. You can find our work in mixed-use development, where place-making is breathing life into urban areas; in city parks that have become the heart of communities; and in academic settings, where shifting populations and new technologies are redefining education. Our team is driven by the belief that great design is transformative, that environments can be an agent of change for people, brands, and business. We design to remind people why they do what they do every day, to change a culture and, sometimes, even to change lives.

The success of our company was built on innovation. We have embraced it in everything we do, from digital integration to enhance the user experience, to developing metrics and insights on the impact of space on people. We are pioneering new technologies in our projects, and also developing design research methodologies to enhance the lives of our communities at the intersection of people and place.    

I could not be more excited about what’s in store for this year, and for the opportunity to work with all of you to accelerate our year of insights + innovation!


Kelly Kolar – President & Founder