April 21, 2017

To fulfill our hunger for knowledge and seek out innovation, we attended the Digital Signage Expo again this year. Our team recognizes that the landscape of design (and really everything in our lives) is changing with the advancement of technology. The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) is an opportunity for us to remain on the forefront of innovation for our clients. Gaining knowledge in signage technology continues to strengthen our ability to create environments that communicate.

Our time at the DSE split between lectures, coordinated by the Society for Experiential Graphic Design’s (SEGD) Branded Environments event, and an exploration of the Las Vegas Convention Center showroom.  Within both segments of the expo, we were able to experience two different tones of voice on similar subjects. SEGD inspired through lectures from an experiential designer perspective.  This point of view was incredibly powerful when one such lecture enveloped project case studies into a larger social context of histories and current events to build best practice philosophies. Inversely, DSE exhibitors spoke from an informed technical proficiency which provided explicit detail.

Beyond these different tones and incredibly advanced digital screens, we realized something amazing that we already do as a team; we engage in a deep dive with our clients to uncover their personal, unique needs and deliver beyond their expectations – always keeping the end user in mind.

As soon as you enter the DSE showroom floor, it becomes clear that just about everyone has the capability to work with impactful digital signage, as it has become an industry standard. It is easy to get wrapped up in the details of the technological bells and whistles and lose sight of the end user. Harnessing big data and curating adaptable content allows a self-proclaimed digital expert to see beyond the plethora of digital screens flashing in the periphery. By integrating user research, consumer market knowledge and an overarching smart city approach, there are endless opportunities to not only create, connect and enhance but personalize and future-proof any user experience strategy by design.

“Designers don’t make the future; they compete with it. Design the behavior, not the brand.”

— Brian Collins, CCO and Co-Founder, COLLINS