November 4, 2018

The Louisville International Airport looked to refresh their brand as a gateway to the world that reflects the heart and soul of Louisville for generations to come. Stakeholders along with the board authority explored options for a dynamic brand that created a sense of motion while capturing the ever-expanding economy, new conventions, community partnerships, and the growing cultural tourism our Louisville.

From the moment you step into the new arrival concourse the journey begins. The architecture unfolds along the main circulation path – revealing different story vignettes to enhance and compliment your travel experience in and out of Louisville. Each celebrates an accurate representation of place by distilling great experiences throughout the concourse- mastery, craft, and cuisine.

Terrazzo motifs, layered graphic wall patterns, with dimensional thresholds define the experience through portals. Natural daylight along with movement embrace the unique elements of aviation – flowing your experience along within the brand character.

A portal to the past, present and the future of Louisville – instilling respect and understanding for first-time visitors and residents alike.