July 15, 2022

As work environments continuously evolve, workplace wellness and its effect on employee health are more prevalent than ever. At Kolar, we work with multidisciplinary experts who have studied how the workplace has evolved for over three decades. Our team truly understands and believes in the power work environments have on employee moods and ultimately productivity. 

Today, we’re getting to know Brittany O’Bryan, Director of Marketing and Sales at Kolar, and understanding her perspective on how environments impacts employee wellness.

How can branded environments have an impact on workplace wellness and employee satisfaction?

There are many studies that show environment has a significant impact on mood, productivity, and overall motivation. According to Gartner research, more than 80% of employees agree that it is important that their organization sees them as a person, not just an employee. Ensuring your environment reflects that is key. Speaking from a personal perspective, I think that the way I feel in a space can really inspire me or it can be deflating. During the pandemic, some people were fortunate enough to have a home office they feel comfortable working in but many people struggled with finding space that adequately fits their needs, inspires them to get work done, or even feel comfortable working for extended hours at a computer. For those that do come into the office, by option or mandate, they want it to feel different than home but not stuffy and dark like some cubical-type workplaces. 

What is the new way of working and how has it changed companies’ cultures?

At Kolar, we like to use the phrase, “Hybrid works, now what?”. So many of our clients have been struggling to find a good hybrid balance that allows them to keep a connected culture and meet the needs of team members that now have completely different technology needs (increased zoom calls and more bandwidth needed). They also want to make sure they are using their real estate, their biggest expense, intelligently. They have this expense and then they struggle to get employees to come back in. There are many strategies and methodologies the Kolar team uses to find out where the gaps are in company culture, employee satisfaction, and space utilization to help key decision-makers navigate the challenges of the new way of working.

How do you think Kolar is impacting workplace wellness?

Within the process of addressing workplace needs, the Kolar team is using the WELL Building Standard® a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being. This allows us to keep health and wellness at the center of our discovery process and carry it through execution. 

What inspires you most as a leader at Kolar? 

The impact we are making in the workplaces, communities, and healthcare systems around the nation and globally. I have always been passionate about change and creative design. This company allows me to be at the intersection of really impactful change evoked by beautiful design – whether that be in experiential graphic design that makes hospital visits for children less scary, employees more inspired and passionate while they are at work, or communities more inviting and beautiful with artwork and murals. These are just some of the ways Kolar is making a difference through their work. 

Where do you envision Kolar in the next ten years?

I see Kolar really expanding rapidly and globally, we are at the forefront of really innovative work. Our KEI research & publishing lab focused on creating a positive impact through discovering and reimagining people+process+place is really a differentiator in the market. Being able to show data insights and analytics that shape the design and delivery of our projects is something that is exciting for the team and decision-makers that want to know they are making the right decision that will ultimately have an impact. We understand these investments are big decisions for business owners, hospitals, and municipalities – they want to know there is data backing this investment. 

We appreciate Brittany and her contribution to improving workplace wellness here at Kolar. To learn more about Brittany and the Kolar team, visit here.