August 21, 2021

Kolar Experience Institute is excited to be a partner with OurShop, an initiative aimed at connecting local entrepreneurs with affordable retail space, while bridging community wants and needs with what’s possible in the marketplace. Partnering with The College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation, YARD & Company, and the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation, KEI is bringing expertise on the intersection of people, process, and place to this community building initiative as an insights partner.

“We understand how the unique intersection of people, process, and place can revolutionize the success of a business; this project will show others how they can benefit from that intersection in their own communities. With the insights we gather in this project, small businesses will be able to learn more about their operations and customers to create a positive impact and build stronger communities from within.”

— Megan Hasse, Client Lead at Kolar Experience Institute

OurShop is a 6 month pilot program (October 2021 through March 2022) designed to help cities and their neighborhoods make smart, data-driven decisions about main street retail in a post-COVID and tech-enriched world. The semi-permanent initiative is meant to bridge community wants and needs with what’s possible in the marketplace, while documenting and measuring the impact of placemaking and activation on retail sales and growth. The initiative is meant to inform public and private investments in entrepreneurship ecosystems, neighborhood retail strategies, and commercial district operating systems.

OurShop College Hill benefits:

There are two storefronts available for the program (5846 and 5852 Hamilton Avenue), totaling 3,750 square feet of space. While there are two storefronts, the selection committee is not limiting the program to only two small businesses.

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