June 22, 2022

The workforce is evolving. While most appreciate the flexibility of hybrid work life, the impact of where we work on team culture should not be underestimated. Organizations should look to reimagine their workspaces to elevate team experiences – in the office and at home. As experts that transform physical space to meet the needs of the ever-changing work environments, Kolar believes in the power that design has to better connect people, process, and place. 

There are three key guiding areas for employers to understand when considering the impact of designing functional spaces for an evolving workforce:

  1. People want choice. 
  2. Change is inevitable. 
  3. Tech is accelerant. 

People want choice. 

According to our Kolar Experience Institute studies, 70% of employees want to focus on wellbeing and work-life balance. As we move to a hybrid way of working, we need to consider two key aspects of work-life: the emotional and the physical. How can we design physical environments that promote well-being and connect employees? How can we better understand how workspaces impact our culture? Our team specializes in fostering in-depth discussions with your team to understand their expectations and how your organization can use design to create a flexible yet productive work environment. In a world where people want choice, use design as a tool to deliver on team needs. 

Change is inevitable. 

According to Chief Economist at LinkedIn Kimbrough, 1 in 67 organizations offered remote work to potential employees before the pandemic. In today’s post-pandemic world, that statistic has drastically changed to 1 in 6. Change is inevitable. It is how you adapt to change that will make a difference in recruiting and retaining talent. How do we make the transition from remote “me” spaces to collaborative “we” spaces in the office? Consider what tools your employees need when they are in the office and when they are at home in order to create a seamless hybrid work environment with little disruption to operations. As mentioned earlier, enabling choice and flexibility and designing a work environment that delivers on the needs of your team can help your organization stand out in the battle for talent. 

Tech is accelerant. 

Never underestimate the impact of technology on work environments. The digital work environment has completely transformed in even the last decade, with Big Data driving more and more decisions across all levels of business. A study conducted by Vistage and Salesforce found that 13.6% of small and midsize businesses are now using artificial intelligence in day-to-day operations. Understand how to leverage the amount and quality of data in your work environment and how you can use it to make informed decisions for your employees. At Kolar, we specialize in analyzing employee data and creating designs that inspire your team and deliver intangible outcomes. 

What’s at risk? By failing to adapt to changing work environments, organizations are risking a shift in brand support and overall employee satisfaction. Ultimately, this will affect your bottom line. It is important to cultivate brand support and brand ambassadors on your team for better business outcomes. Luckily, Kolar can help you stay ahead of the game. Our experts are veterans in people + design and understand the unique operations across diverse industries.

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