July 28, 2022

Workplace environments play a large role in the overall success and productivity of an organization. A well-designed space that emphasizes brand and addresses team needs is essential. It has the ability to improve efficiency, encourage engagement, boost employee moods, and so much more. 

Kolar has extensive experience planning, designing, and working with multidisciplinary teams to create successful workplace environments across a variety of industries. Our team has managed projects spanning from hospitals to universities, public spaces, law firms, and beyond. 

Here is a showcase of Kolar’s Top 5 designs, showcasing the different needs of diverse organizations and how they partnered with our team to deliver stunning and effective results.

1. Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Building | Cincinnati, Ohio 

Cincinnati Children’s operates as one of the busiest pediatric emergency departments in the country, seeing more than 60,000 patients each year. The medical center sought to build a new Critical Care Building, in order to better serve children in the local community and throughout Greater Cincinnati as well as children from all over the world. The new facility would be their largest expansion ever undertaken and would require collaboration with patients, families, staff, board, donors, and the community. Kolar worked with multidisciplinary teams to bring Cincinnati Children’s Critical Care Building vision to life, including designing branded graphics, wayfinding, specialty and parking signage, and developing an artwork program. Key design areas include dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces for staff, and relaxation and renewal spaces built with patients and families in mind. The site also includes 1,100 pieces of art. As a prominent design project in the region, the Kolar team played a major role in creating a space that ultimately helps Cincinnati Children’s achieve its mission to provide better outcomes for patients.

2. WBCSD | Geneva, Switzerland 

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a global non-profit headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with satellite offices across the world. WBCSD sought to create a Future of Work Vision and experience for its team that reflects the values of the organization and inspires collaboration within the built environment in a new, post-pandemic workplace. The Kolar Experience Institute team (KEI) helped WBCSD envision the workplace of the future with respect to its people, process, and place. KEI fostered an environment of co-creation through 2 virtual workshops, 6 leadership interviews, and 3 employee surveys. Working with Geneva-based partner Beric Group, Kolar also provided integrated services of workplace strategy, branded interior design,  culture change management, and WELL certification guidance focused on the well-being of the team. WBCSD worked with the Kolar team to create carefully designed digital zoom rooms and conference rooms with state-of-the-art video and sound equipment for conference calls overseas – an important investment for a global company. Through this, the Kolar team was able to develop qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) to help the WBCSD team outline their journey to achieve their Future of Work Vision goals.

3. Washington University | St. Louis, Missouri 

Jubel Hall at Washington University in St. Louis is one of the country’s leading research-oriented mechanical engineering and material sciences schools. The engineering school expanded to provide innovative facilities for graduate and undergraduate education and features the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science research labs, classrooms, faculty offices, interaction spaces, a makerspace, and a machine shop. Kolar created a comprehensive interior and exterior wayfinding and tiered donor recognition program. The lead donors are featured on the exterior facades and entry vestibules with “story portraits” and an integrated wall exhibit featuring the Jubel Family legacy of innovation in engineering. Digital storytelling is used to onboard and engages donors as well as highlight Jubel Hall’s key ceremonies and events. Focusing on the concept of legacy, the new engineering school establishes a sense of honor, and connects and welcomes alumni to the WashU Community.

4. Graydon | Cincinnati, Ohio 

Kolar Design reinvented the brand for one of  Cincinnati’s oldest law firms – Graydon Head. The new brand shifts the perception of a traditional law firm to a firm with a future-forward focus. The new adaptive approach is meant to be millennial-friendly while meeting the changing needs of clients, the legal industry, and our city. With a strong brand foundation,  Kolar created an identity system and translated the brand into a workspace experience. These integrated strategies drive a new way of working and set the stage for future growth. We used the new office as a catalyst to advance the brand alignment with the vision to galvanize the values of the company for the next 100 years. This started a brand evolution, not a revolution, as there was so much equity in the Graydon name in the market, but their brand was outdated. The new branded environment reflects a more contemporary approach to its ownership and heritage.

5. Bridge Park |  Dublin, Ohio

The City of Dublin wanted to create a destination that facilitates connections and creates,  enhances, and preserves a well-loved community. Through the development of upscale residential living with unique dining, shopping, and attractions, the City looked to create Bridge Park – connecting east and west, past and present, work and life, and its unique people, place, art, and culture. The goal was to build a comprehensive Civic Brand visitor strategy, transforming the city into a true work of art. The City of Dublin partnered with Kolar and other third-party architects and designers to strategically plan and execute the project. The process for civic branding began with understanding how the city was currently communicating about itself with existing physical, digital, and print communication. The urban landscape was being transformed as a  part of a $270 million highway improvement that provided an opportunity to re-think the approach. Working with key stakeholders, Kolar developed an entirely new urban experience and brand strategy for the City, presenting a strong position for the new $500 million Bridge Street District and Bridge Park riverfront neighborhood.


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