June 2, 2016

In January of 1990, kolar was founded by an entrepreneur with a far-reaching dream that the “power of design could make a difference in the world.”

It is that original dream that continues our exploration into the transformative power of design. A tool that when used properly can excite, entice and even invigorate people to make a difference.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve held steadfast to this belief, listening carefully about client’s business challenges and anticipating the future on their behalf. They are the driving force behind kolar and our partners in innovation, always pushing us to be our best and to do what’s right. Their support and continued trust in us is at the heart of our success.

Today, kolar is central to the creation of building branded experiences. Our services and products span from corporate workplace to healing environments in healthcare, to public parks and great civic spaces.

We believe passionately in our vision of building branded experiences at the intersection of people and place, creating meaningful, memorable and measurable results to the people that matter most to you.

Ultimately, the value of design can only be measured by how it benefits people. That’s why we believe putting people at the center of design is fundamental.

No matter what form the environments take, how much brand they become, or over what journey they travel, it starts and ends with people – connecting them to what matters most.  Our process for discovery, strategy, design and execution are our hallmark, and what sets us apart is our collaborative model.

Our former teacher, friend and mentor Dean Robert Probst challenged us to believe “Radical Design is possible in Ohio” and since our inception we believe that design is not simply a solution, but it is about a process of collaboration.  All our clients, partners and people know that through the process of design our co-creativity is what creates the sparks of innovation.

Today we introduce a new initiative at kolarralok

ralok is conceived as a mirror image of kolar, operating as a think tank within to explore, discover and innovate with our partners and clients.

Join us.

The first 25 years have been an amazing journey, but it is in our DNA to always be looking forward to what’s next. We hope you enjoy ralok as our dot-connecting truly serendipitous look forward.

So, on behalf of the entire kolar group, thank you for going on this journey with us and for sharing in our vision and our dreams.

Kelly Kolar – President & Founder