November 14, 2017

Image Courtesy of Crawford Hoying

Kolar is working with the City of Dublin to make it easier to find your way around Dublin, Ohio. You will soon be noticing new signs throughout the City. It is part of our Comprehensive Wayfinding System that is being implemented in various locations.

Crews are currently installing the foundations for the signs. There will be short-term lane closures during this work, but no significant delays are expected. Law enforcement officers will be present when needed to maintain traffic.

All of this work is being performed in the public right-of-way, but some locations are near private properties. You can see a map of locations in the links below.

From Kolar’s Design Team:

It has been a pleasure to help the City of Dublin learn about wayfinding and to help them implement their city-wide program. I love the challenge of assembling a large complex project like this City of Dublin’s Wayfinding project—to orchestrate the design, address the engineering and fabrication concerns and needs of the client, maintaining their schedule and keeping everything within their budget. Our use of engineering and other consultant companies, with input from the City’s engineers, has helped secure a successful project and happy client.
— John Kennedy, CA Lead
Our Kolar team has been fortunate to engage with the City of Dublin’s talented staff, community stakeholders, and private developers to co-create a best-in-class visitor experience aimed at elevating the Dublin civic brand and connecting visitors and locals to unique destinations throughout the city. The wayfinding signage seamlessly guides visitors from the highway to public parking and then on foot to intimately experience the renaissance unfolding. Signage becomes the physical connector, but it its that unique connection between people and place that leaves the memorable impression.
— Joell Angel-Chumbley, Creative Lead

You can learn more about the signs by heading here: